Facebook Mass Message Sender

Facebook Mass Message Sender Helps to Send Bulk Message to All Target Facebook Users (Facebook Friends, Group Members, Page Likes and Event Guests). You can easy find target buyers and send bulk message to them all with one click. It also helps to send friend request, mass comment on public posts.



More information about elements

  • Link: link of Website, Photo, Facebook's Post or Album (You can use a photo on Google Photos, Imgur, Flickr).
  • Time Delay: Delay time after each message (seconds), and after 10 messages (minutes).
  1. Install Program and Login to Facebook (Installation Instructions).
  2. Change the Facebook language to English (US).
Scan People
  • To extract Members of Group, enter the "Group ID".
  • To extract Likes of Page, enter the "Page Link or ID".
  • To extract Guests of Event, enter the "Event Link or ID".
  • To extract Likes on a Post, Note, Photo, or Video, enter the Link or ID of post.
  • To extract Friends: Click Comment / Like button => Choose File => Choose All Friends.

To find Facebook ID, you can use this tool: https://lookup-id.com

Send Message

Important Note:

Use $name$, $first name$, $last name$ to present Person name in your message.

MUST USE spintax in text and link, for example:

  • Text: {Dear | Hello} $name$, we provide product .. Click here for more details ..
  • Link: {link1 | link2}

Using File Splitter to split large file into a set of smaller files, then send one by one.

Graph Search

To search people, do the following

  1. Enter Graph Search command.
  2. Click Go button and wait for ready.
  3. Click Search button to begin.

Note: You must use ID in Graph Search Command

Graph Search Command Example

People who like Page Victoria's Secret (Likes of Page)

People who like Page Victoria's Secret and live in London, United Kingdom

People in Group Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs (Members of Group)

People in Group Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs and live in London, United Kingdom


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