Facebook Messenger Sender

Send bulk message to target audience on Facebook. You can find prospects / potential customers and send promotional message to them with one click. It also helps to scrape data, send friend request and mass comment on public posts.


More information about elements

  • Link: Link of Website, Facebook's Post, Photo or Album (also can use a photo on Google Photos, Imgur, Flickr).
  • Delay: Delay time after each message (seconds), and after 10 messages (minutes).
Scan People
  • To extract Post, Note, Photo or Video: enter Post Link.
  • To extract Friends: choose File > Export Friends.
  • To save as File: select all (Ctrl + A) then copy and paste into Excel /CSV (paid version only).

Please note that the program only extracts active users (who interact with Page, Group), not all people!

Send Message

Important Note

  • Keep your message simple and short. Don't put many link in body of the message.
  • Use $name$, $first name$, $last name$ to present recipient's name in message.
  • MUST USE Spintax to random text message, for example: {Hello| Hi| Good day| Nice to meet you} $name$, ..
  • Split large file into a set of smaller files, then send one by one daily.
Graph Search

This feature is not currently available on the program (Facebook no longer support Graph Search from June of 2019).

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