Facebook Page Content Generator

Facebook Content Aggregator software helps to collects news & videos from other sources, and then publish to your page. You can easy find good quality content (articles, video, photos, quotes, live stream) for your pages.

Your pages can have all kind of statuses get the most likes (ex: best most popular facebook status, clever facebook status, best facebook status, good facebook status, and funny facebook status, etc).


More information about elements

Schedule: publish immediately or schedule post

  • When has new post: Check for new post every 10 minutes.
  • According to schedule: Check for new post at the schedule time.

Header: add to post’s header

Footer: add to post’s footer

Edit or Remove: remove specific words or languages translate

  • Input $translate en fr$ to translate content from English to French, do the same with another language.
  • Input $delete all$ to delete all old text content (still keep image, video or link).
  • Input $date$ to present current date value.

BlackList: Don't get posts that contatin a specific keyword in BlackList.

WhiteList: Get only posts that contatin a specific keyword in WhiteList.

  1. Install Program and Login to Facebook (Installation Instructions).
  2. Add your Mapping.
  3. Click Run.

Input multiple values separated by commas (when input values for whitelist, blacklist and remove).

The program will be automatically updates the new post every 10 minutes.


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