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Increase Twitch Views and Traffic for Free, Fast and Safe

Twitch View Bot

Twitch View Bot is a software to help increase Twitch viewers, that allows you to getting more stable & quality views with unlimited stream hours. You can choose viewers from your desired location, get both viewers and chatters, allows choosing chat interval.

  • High Quality, Active & Real Viewers
  • Unlimited Stream Hours
  • 100% Legit and Secure


Chang IP Address using Proxy, VPN, Socks5 (according with country, region, city targeted by you).

Change Browser Settings (set a random browser user agent, operating system, screen resolution).

Multi-thread and multi-link Viewing

  • Watch multiple videos / link at the same time (multi-thread).

Search and Viewing

  • Search Twitch and watch from search result (Twitch suggestions).
  • Search Google and view from search result (Google suggestions).

Go and Click

  • Open the website and click a link.

How It's Used