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Live Stream View Bot

Live Stream View Bot software tool helps to increase live stream views on Social Media Networking (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Mixer, Beam). Make your live stream look like more engaging and interactive. You can automate your live stream and get unlimited viewers.


Chang IP Address using Proxy, VPN, Socks5 (according with country, region, city targeted by you).

Change Browser Settings (set random browser user agent, operating system, screen resolution & various devices).

Multi-thread and multi-link Viewing: Watch multiple videos / link at the same time (multi-thread).

How It's Used

1. Using Proxy

Use the following syntax for the proxy settings:

HTTP Proxies example: : 8080 : 8080

Sock Proxies example: : 8080 : Socks4 : 8080 : Socks5

Important Note

High quality and fast proxy is very important, you have to change IP address to increase views.

We strong recommend using paid proxy to increase YouTube views. When you to use a good proxy, you can see real-time views in YouTube Analytics.

2. Using Change IP Software

Change IP software allows you to randomly change IP address every minutes.

When using Auto Viewer with a change IP software, run both software at the same time (simultaneously). Viewing time should be same as time of IP change frequency.

Search and Viewing (suggestion views)

Enter link and relevant keywords.

Go and Click (referrer views)

Enter the website and link.