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Instagram Bulk Message Sender

Instagram Bulk Message Sender software tool helps to send mass dm on Instagram. Helps you to send a massive number of messages to people, prepare posts and share them on Instagram automatically.

It is a powerful bot that help to extract the IDs of the target page followers, the likers and commenters of Instagram posts, then sending bulk DMs, this bots also can like and comment in bulk.

Moreover, you can set this bot to follow people automatically to introduce your service and business getting followed back.


How It's Used

  • DM current followers
  • Send direct messages to new followers
  • Send messages to influencers followers
  • Import accounts from excel files
  • Send DMs to tags users
  • Receive your DMs inside your email inbox
  • Target receivers
  • Auto like
  • Auto follow
  • Automated DMs
  • Scheduled posting
  • And scheduled comments

  1. Install Program and Login to Instagram (Installation Instructions).
  2. Enter your keywords, city, country, category, etc..
    • Enter your keywords (industry), for¬†example: Real estate, Property, Apartment (separated by commas)
    • You can filtering more detail by industry categories, sub categories.

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