Facebook Group Poster

Facebook Group Poster is software that helps you post to multiple groups on Facebook at once. You'll be able to share your post to all Facebook groups by a single click. This tool will help you easy publish your ad on over thousands Facebook groups, promote your products and services to thousands of customers.



More information about elements

  • Link: Link of Website, Facebook's Post, Photo or Album (also can use a photo on Google Photos, Imgur, Flickr).
  • Start Time: Publish now or schedule a post (enter the time you want your post to publish).
  • Time Delay: Delay time after each post (seconds).
  • Stop Post: Stop posting a specific post (when you have multiple posts).
  1. Install Program and Login to Facebook (Installation Instructions).
  2. Change the Facebook language to English (US).

Use $name$ to present name of Group, Page or Friend in your message.

MUST USE Spintax to random text message, for example: {Dear | Hello | Hi} $name$, we provide product ..

Schedule multiple posts at different times to avoid getting blocked.


Download here


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