How to find target audience on Facebook

Searching your ideal customers on Facebook, finding best niche for Facebook ads, targeting Facebook ads to targeted buyers on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad Targeting Helps To Find Prospect Customers on Facebook for B2B Market. You can search for people / business who working for an industry, located in a city, number of likes and talking about, etc. And then targeting Facebook Ad to them all.

Find right people for your Facebook ad.

Searching your ideal customers, finding best niche, and targeting your ad to targeted buyers on Facebook.

Best Tool for B2B marketer

B2B marketers are able to focus on very niche industries which reflect specialized needs. This tool can make marketing a more straightforward and more effective.

How It's Used

  1. Install Program and Login to Facebook (Installation Instructions).
  2. Enter your keywords, city, country, category, etc..
    • Enter your keywords (industry), for¬†example: Real estate, Property, Apartment (separated by commas)
    • You can filtering more detail by industry categories, sub categories.