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Auto Viewer

Auto Viewer is a view bot software tool help you increase YouTube views and Web traffic. You can get more views for free, fast and safe.

Alexa Rank & Seo Friendly

Auto Viewer designed to generate 100% real & organic views (direct views, referrer views and suggestion views). It drives quality traffic and help your videos / website rank higher in YouTube & Google search.

High Retention Views

Auto Viewer make sure that you got views with a high-retention rate. (YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience.” It's important because it shows YouTube how much of your video people watched – or in other words, how interesting your video is).

Unlimited Views, 100% Safe & Secure.

Using Auto Viewer to drive views is 100% safe for your YouTube / Adsense account. You can get unlimited views until finally you get top ranking.

YouTube no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views. This is the best solution for creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel.


Chang IP Address using Proxies, VPN, SSH, Socks5 (according with country, region, city targeted by you).

Change Browser Settings

  • Automatically delete browsing history & cookies tracks from previous session.
  • Set a random browser language & country.
  • Set a random browser (user agent) (ex: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, etc), has included more than 1,000 browsers.
  • Set a different operating system (ex: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc), has included more than 30 operating system.
  • Set a random screen resolution (ex: 800×600, 1024×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×720, 1280×768), has included more than 200 screen resolution.
  • Set the various devices (computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, gadget).
  • Render operations as a human operator, (ex: scrolling, mouse movements, click on the page).

Multi-thread and multi-link Viewing

  • Watch multiple videos / link at the same time (multi-thread).

Search and Viewing

  • Search YouTube and watch from search result (YouTube suggestions).
  • Search Google and view from search result (Google suggestions).

Go and Click

  • Open the website and click a link.


See details how to install program (Installation Instructions).

  • Before installing, you might need to temporarily disable the Antivirus to install Program.
  • After finishes installing, you might need to exclude programs from the Antivirus to run Program.

How It's Used

These are 2 ways to use Auto Viewer

  1. Use proxy to change IP address.
  2. Use Auto Viewer with a change IP Software (ex: HMA Pro, Vip72)

1. Using Proxy

Enter proxy server settings like:


VPN_Server_IP1 | Username1 | Password1
VPN_Server_IP2 | Username2 | Password2


SSH_Server_IP1 | Username1 | Password1
SSH_Server_IP2 | Username2 | Password2

HTTP Proxies:

Proxy_IP1 : Proxy_Port1
Proxy_IP2 : Proxy_Port2

Sock Proxies:

Proxy_IP1 : Proxy_Port1 : Version1
Proxy_IP2 : Proxy_Port2 : Version2

Important Notes:

High quality and fast proxy is very important, you have to change ip address to increase views.

We strong recommend using paid proxy to increase YouTube views. When you to use a good proxy, you can see real-time views in YouTube Analytics.

2. Using Change IP Software

Change IP software (ex: HMA Pro, Vip72) allows you to randomly change ip address every minutes.

When using Auto Viewer with a change IP software, choose No Proxy on Auto Viewer and run both software at the same time (simultaneously). Viewing time should be same as time of IP change frequency.

Using HMA! Pro VPN

Please note that at this point HMA version 3 does not support Automatic IP change. You can set Automatic IP change using HMA version 2 (download here). We recommend that you change your IP address (at least) every 2.5 minutes on 1 device and every 5 minutes when using 2 devices.

Search and Viewing (suggestion views)

Enter link and relevant keywords.

Go and Click (referrer views)

Enter the website and link.


Download here