Facebook Page Subscription Messaging

Send an update / notifications, or broadcast news / promotional messages from Facebook Page to all fans. Manage all inbox messages in one stream, create notes and apply labels to messages to organize them by category, topic or importance.

Use this application when you launching a sales promotion, inform a new product, take care of customers, follow up potential client, closing sales. This will help to bring people back to your page and get more value from existing customers (remarketing & retargeting).

Messages Manager gives your business a fast and convenient way to connect people. It allows you to build personal connections with your customers. You can easy to keep tracks of conversation between your business and your prospective customer.

Common Usage

Sending news, productivity updates

Sending brand advertising, newsletters, announcements or spam

Sending customer support messages

Up-selling or cross-selling products or services

Confirming bookings, purchases, orders, etc.

How It's Used

  1. Install Program and Login to Facebook (Installation Instructions).
  2. Select a Facebook Page (This might take several minutes).
Searching & filter

To search and filter, type the information you’d like to find

  • Enter the person name, message content, label, notes or any other relevant information to search for.
  • To search by date, enter: 1/2/2017
  • To search by date range (between two dates), enter: 1/2/2017 2/2/2017
  • To filter based on one or more labels, enter: label: label1, label2
  • To filter based on Facebook label, enter: fblabel: label1, label2

To sort by column

  • Clicking on column header to sorting by column, you can sort in ascending order / descending order.

To export data for any specific search result

  • Complete your search using the steps above.
  • Click Export, a text file containing this data will automatically show.
Create Note & Label

Add labels and notes to help track and find conversations.

  • Select the row you want to reply (select multiple row using Mouse or Ctrl / Shift Keys).
  • Right-click and choose Add Your Notes/ Labels.
  • Compose your Notes and click OK.
Send Message

To reply messages.

  • Select the row you want to reply (select multiple row using Mouse or Ctrl / Shift Keys).
  • Right-click and choose Reply.
  • Select a message template / or compose your message and click OK.

To manage saved replies (message template).

  • Click Manage Replies.
  • Enter the new reply, edit or delete your reply.
  • Click OK.
Send Message To All

To reply all messages.

  • Right-click and choose Select All.
  • Right-click and choose Reply.
  • Compose your message and click OK.

Use $name$, $first name$, $last name$ to present Person Name in message.

MUST USE Spintax to random text message, for example:

  • {Dear|Hello} $name$, we have just launched new product .. Click here for more details .. {link1|link2}
Send a Photo, Link, or Facebook Post

You can put a link in message: Link of Website, Facebook's Post, Photo or Album (also can use a photo on Google Photos, Imgur, Flickr).

To share a photo

  • Hello $name$, we have just launched new product! http://bit.ly/2Lqoz5G

To share a Facebook post

  • Hello $name$, we have just launched new product! http://bit.ly/2mnR3SJ

To share a website

  • Hello $name$, we have just launched new product! http://bit.ly/2bMfuVp
Business Tips
  • Using Comments Manager automatically send message to anyone who comments on your post, those commenters will become the leads of your Messages Manager, you can send them message when ever you want.
Messages Analytic

To see your Analytics,

  • Open File / Messages Analytics.

From here, you can choose to view all of statistics about your Page Messages.


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