Multiple Page Comment Managing and Auto Reply

Finding the time in your busy day to effectively manage these accounts and create real value for your business.

Facebook Page Comments Management

Comments Manager help to manage comments on Facebook Page, gives you the ability to automatically hide & disable comments, quick & auto reply comments, real-time moderate comments, see all comments in one easy-to-read stream, etc.

The #1 solution to easily monitor comments on Facebook Ads (spam, trolls, prospects' questions, angry user feedback... You'll respond, hide and unhide, or delete them in a matter of minutes, instead of hours).

Just install Comments Manager to quickly access and manage all comments at one place and autopilot.



How It's Used


1. Login to Facebook.

2. Select the Facebook Page (multiple choice).

3. Enter link of special posts (multiple rows)

Use this option when you just want to monitor comments on individual posts, like: Facebook Ads post, Pinned post, Unpublished post, or any Old posts.


  • Also select Facebook Page that posts be long to.
  • You must restart the program (stop and run again) to apply new settings.

4. Setting up the automatically reply (option).

5. Click Run to begin.

Searching & filter

Type the information you’d like to find

  • Enter the person name, comment content or any other relevant information to search for
  • To filter hidden comments, enter: hide
  • To filter showing comments, enter: unhide
  • To filter replied comments, enter: replied
  • To filter unreplied comments, enter: unreplied
  • To search by date, enter: 1/2/2017
  • To search by date range (between two dates), enter: 1/2/2017 2/2/2017
Quick Replies Comments

To reply comment.

  • Select the row you want to reply (select multiple row using Mouse or Ctrl / Shift Keys).
  • Right-click on the message.
  • Compose your message.
  • Press Enter
Automatically Replies Comments

- When the application is running, all new comment will be replies automatically.

- Application WILL NOT HIDE a comment if the comment is OWNED BY the page or by a PAGE ADMIN.

- You can setting different message reply for each Page.

- Use $name$ to present people name, and $page$ to present page name in your message.

Auto Hide

To hide all Comments, enter: *

To hide Comments contains a phone number, enter: $phone$

To hide by keyword, enter the keywords (separated by commas), for example: buy, order, purchase, payment

Auto Reply

To reply all Comments, enter: Thanks $name$, we will contact you soon!

To reply the Comments contains a phone number, enter: $phone$ => thank $name$, we will call you soon!

To reply the Comments does not contains a phone number, enter the Reply: $no phone$ => hi $name$, please provide your phone number!

To reply by keywords, enter the keywords and your answer, for example:

good, nice, cool => Thanks $name$
buy, order, purchase => Hi $name$, please call me 18001091

That's meaning:

  • If comment contains any of word "good, nice, cool" will automatically be replied "Thanks"
  • If comment contains any of word "buy, order, purchase" will automatically be replied "Please call me: 18001091"
Auto Like

To like all Comments, enter: *

To like by keywords, enter the keywords (separated by commas), for example: beautiful, nice, good, great

Auto Delete

To delete by keyword, enter the keywords (separated by commas), for example: bad, awful, bitch, ass, fake, scam, suck

Check Photo / Link to delete all Comments contains a photo or link.

To delete all Comments, enter: *

Auto Send Private Message

Similar to auto reply.

Auto Block People

Similar to auto delete.

Comments Scraper (hide all, reply all comments on post)

To extract all comments on a Post

  • Open File / Comments Scraper
  • Enter Post ID and click Get Comments.

To reply all comments

  • Right-click and choose Select All.
  • Right-click and choose Replies.
  • Compose your message and click OK button.

To hide all, delete all, etc.. similar to above.


  • Should use spintax in message, example: { Dear | Hello | Hi } $name$
Comments Analytic

To see your Analytics,

  • Open File / Comments Analytics.

From here, you can view all of statistics about your Page Comments.

Download Trial

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